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North Country Herbalist Guild is please to announce the new board officers and board members for 2020.
Not surprisingly they were were elected by unanimous decision at our November meeting. The 2020 board will continue to grow this herbal community that we have all come to appreciate, with new ideas, enthusiasm and energy.

Meet them at the December 4th Annual big event and Silent Auction!!

NCHG Board Officers
Laura Sanden - President
Carolyn Smith - Vice President
Marina Povlitzki - Secretary
Justine Kolb - Treasurer

NCHG Board Members
Pam Broekemeier
Kathy Tran
Betsy Nelson
Leah Inez
Kathy Madenjian
Amy Wojcik

Special thanks to Tammy and Vince for staying on with the guild in 2020.

Hello fellow herbalists,

I am putting together a bulk order for 190 proof (95%) organic cane alcohol from a distributor whose minimum order is 25 gallons, and I would love to coordinate this so that we have more high quality, organic herbal medicine being made in our community at a price that makes medicine accessible.

More information (PDF)

Information on the process and pricing of the bulk order: The price per gallon will depend on if we get enough orders to go up to the next tier of pricing (50 gallons). For now, each gallon will cost $66. There is a price break if you buy 5 gallons ($315).
Click here for more info on pricing and logistics in the Facebook event

And click here for the order form

Please share this bulk community order information with anyone who may be interested. The larger an order we can place, the more affordable this can be for each of us. We will place the order on Feb. 3rd, so please fill out the form with your order before then.

In gratitude to be part of such a vibrant community of earth tenders and plant lovers,

Heather Sage


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