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The Aromatic Herbs
with Erica Fargione


The North Country Herbalist Guild has lost a great friend and advocate for Mother Earth. Many of us will value the time we spent visiting his wonderful land and harvesting herbs there. He was a gracious host and teacher of how to honor the land and keep it natural and organic.

Bruce F. Bacon, age 76, passed away on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at home on the more than 100-year-old family farm in Ramsey, where he had lived since 1970.

Bruce was an organic farmer who built the soil, managed woods and prairie, and made Garden Farme a mecca for students, interns, environmental groups, as well as musicians and hundreds of friends, for nearly 50 years.

Bruce is survived by his children, Justin and Thorsten; and five grandchildren.

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Herbalists Without Borders
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Intention Paired with Midwestern Herbal Practices: Discovery of a Multi-Directional Energetic Exchange System
Marie Long, MAED, MA

Both herbal medicine and intention have been studied separately in their own distinct fields. To date, there is no systematic documentation regarding the pairing of herbal medicine and intention and how they work together in practice.
Intention Paired with Midwestern Herbal Practices article here (PDF)



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