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Promoting Breast Health on a Daily Basis with Katherine Krumwiede

handouts from August's meeting, "Kitchen Remedies" with Kathy Tran:
Kitchen Remedies Presentation (PDF)
Kitchen Remedies Handout (PDF)


Herbalists Without Borders


NCHG Bitters Recipes (PDFs):
+ Bitter Pasilles recipe (PDF)
+ Rose Pastilles recipe
+ Chamomile Bitters
+ Orange Peel Bitters
+ jim mcdonald's Bitters
+ NCHG Bitters Presentation (DF)


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Intention Paired with Midwestern Herbal Practices: Discovery of a Multi-Directional Energetic Exchange System
Marie Long, MAED, MA

Both herbal medicine and intention have been studied separately in their own distinct fields. To date, there is no systematic documentation regarding the pairing of herbal medicine and intention and how they work together in practice.
Intention Paired with Midwestern Herbal Practices article here (PDF)



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