Martin Bulgerin – Questions of Healing
Wednesday, June 5, 2019

While developing a new class several years ago, I started researching the influences in Dr. Edward Bach's life and thinking that may have influenced the way he created Flower Essence Therapy as a form of healing. He's a hard character to pin down, but it seems that many of his inspirations, as well as the source of many of his disagreements with practitioners in other modalities, can be be traced back to certain very basic questions of healing and his unique answers to these questions. Mostly they deal with very simple and innocuous words that most people never think to question ("What is a person, a disease, a symptom, a remedy, a cure, etc.?"), but they turn out to be some of the most confusing and ultimately enlightening notions a healer can consider. Depending upon how you answer these questions, you create a distinct approach to healing. We'll look at Bach's answers and how he fashioned Flower Essence Therapy in response, and how modern practitioners might forge our own path for our times.

Martin Bulgerin has been active in a number of natural healing modalities for 29 years now. In particular, he is recognized as a skilled and sensitive practitioner and teacher of flower essence therapy, and has created his own line of essences and related remedies over the years. He's been teaching classes and workshops in this field for over two decades.

Martin's contact informaiton:
Martin Bulgerin
BioPsciences Institute
POB 11026, Minneapolis MN 55412
BPI Website:


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