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Elder, Sambucus nigra. The Spirit of the Fountain: an investigation of Elder Flower Essence with Loey Colbeck

Elder is one of those herbs that deserves a volume of its own in the herbal libraries. In this class we will look at this wonderful helper and healer from various perspectives — folklore, Five Phases of Chinese medicine, plant signature, clinical experience, etc. — to weave a complete picture of its embodied spirit, and thus, the clinical applications of its gently powerful flower essence. In the words of Lao Tzu (John C. H. Wu translation): “The Spirit of the Fountain dies not. It is called the Mysterious Feminine. The Doorway of the Mysterious Feminine Is called the Root of Heaven-and-Earth. Lingering like a gossamer, it has only a hint of existence; and yet when you draw upon it, it is inexhaustible.”

Loey (Loyola) Colebeck is a Minnesota native, trained and accredited in Spain as a professional clinical Flower Essence Therapist. She is a minister of the Homeopathy Congress, and teaches an in-depth Flower Essence Therapy training course. She translated Pablo Noriega's book, Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine, to English, and uses flower essences from a Chinese medical perspective for balancing Qi patterns that resonate throughout the body, emotions and mind. Loey also works with systemic constellations for healing epi-genetic inheritance and early childhood trauma, and Jade Egg and Taoist practices for feminine and masculine fortitude and healing. She also loves making herbal oils and tinctures for home use, getting her hands in the dirt, and general "urban homesteading".


2018 Schedule

February 7 Brian Fredericksen – Honeybees and their Interactions with the Minnesota Landscape

March 7 Erica Fargione – The Aromatics

April 4 Dr. Spencer Blackie – An Existential Journey to the Heart Through Eyes

May 2 LuAnn Raadt – Adaptations: The What, Why & How

June 6 Matthew Wood – Adrenal Fatigue

August 1 Jessica Belden – Plant Walk

September 5 Loey Colebeck – The Spirit of the Fountain an investigation of Elder Flower Essence

October 3 Carolyn Smith – Metaphors of Healing, the Body, and the Environment

November 7 Learn About Herbalism

December 5 Dr. Helen Healy – Influential Herbalists, Impressive Herbs
Plus Our Annual Silent Auction




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Dear NCHG members,
My boyfriend is a metalworker based in St. Paul and he's making a small batch of high quality tincture presses to sell to other members of the herbal community.
The presses will be 3" diameter x 3.5" tall, about 4 oz.- 8 oz. capacity, and the components are all food-grade stainless steel. The price is $100 and the presses will be ready by the end of January. Below are photos and video of the first prototype — the final version will have a few modifications including a welded top piece and a squatter shape. Please let me know if you might be interested in purchasing one, or if you have any questions — you can reach me at

Thanks! Sara Nelson,
NCHG member

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Meeting Place:
the historic Eero Saarinen designed
Christ Church Lutheran [google map]
3244 34th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Enter the 1962 addition building and go down the stairs to the basement.

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