A brief History Of Western Herbalism

Date: April 6, 2016
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Teacher Name and Titles: Macey (Margaret) Flood, BA
Flood, Macey (Margaret)

“A brief History Of Western Herbalism” is a whirlwind tour of professional herbalism in the Western world from 400 BC to 1900 AD. Over the course of about two hours, we’ll put herbs in political, economic, and cultural context, and highlighting a few of the big names and big events that have shaped modern professional practice and ideas. The takeaway is (of course) that history matters. The class is lecture-based with time for questions and discussion.

Macey (Margaret) Flood received her BA in Liberal Arts in 2007 from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, NM. She is currently a graduate student in the Program in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine at the University of Minnesota, where she studies the history of botanical medicine in the 19th- and 20th-century United States. Her work is supported by a fellowship from the National Science Foundation. Macey is a trained herbalist and Reiki practitioner. She lives in South Minneapolis with her son.