Flower Essence Therapy

Date: June 4, 2014
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Teacher Name and Titles: Loey Colebeck
Colebeck, Loey (Loyola)

Flower Essence Therapy. 1. Discussion—How is Flower Essence Therapy (FET) different from taking flower essences? 2. Presentation—FET, Sexuality and Movement, given at the IV biannual SEDIBAC FET congress in Barcelona, 2013. How movement and FET can work together to catalyze healing in sexuality and ancestry through the universal feminine, Yin. 3. And if we have time, a quick preview of Pablo Noriega’s book, Chinese Medicine and Bach Flower Therapy, published in 2012 in Spanish, currently being translated to English. Approaching a synthesis of Classical Chinese Medicine and Dr. Bach’s Flower Therapy in clinical practice.

Loey Colebeck is an accredited professional Flower Essence Therapist through SEDIBAC (Catalonia Society for the Study and Diffusion of Dr. Bach’s Therapy), movement instructor, investigator and translator. Loey gives treatments at Adagio Holisitc in Minneapolis. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, in 1996, she studied Herbal Medicine at Pacific School of Herbal Medicine in San Francisco in 1998, where she began using FES flower essences. In 2009, she earned a Bach Flower Remedies certificate from the Superior Institute of Traditional Medicine (ISMET), in Barcelona. She continued training in Barcelona through SEDIBAC, Ricardo Orozco’s Anthemon Institute, and Enric Homedes’ Aula Bach, in: psychotherapy tools for flower essence therapists based in Gestalt and Family Constellations with Carmen Rosety; Chinese Medicine and Flower Essence Therapy (FET), and Taoist Sexuality and FET with Pablo Noriega; FET for pathologies in the female reproductive system with Carme Roig; and various other FET–related topics. She has been attending weekly FET–related classes and presentations at SEDIBAC since 2010, and in the same year was initiated in Australian Bush essences.

Loey also combines conscious movement with FET for diagnosis and treatment, and gives therapeutic sensual dance workshops to women since 2005. She has university training in dance, is trained in Pilates and Chi Kung, and holds a practitioner’s certificate in Traditional Japanese Reiki.

In 2013, Loey lectured at the fourth bi–annual SEDIBAC Flower Essence Therapy Congress along with some 30 other FET professionals. She has published articles in the SEDIBAC quarterly and is currently translating Pablo Noriega’s book, Chinese Medicine and Bach Flower Therapy, to English, and doing independent flower essence research.

Loey receives clients who speak English, Spanish or Italian.