Flower Essences: Beyond Healing

Date: November 2, 2011
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Teacher Name and Titles: Martin Bulgerin
Bulgerin, Martin

Herbs are commonly used to cure illness and physical weaknesses, but a higher usage is to maintain and even foster greater health and vitality. Similarly, flower essences, normally used to correct psychological or emotional problems, can also be used to enhance psychological and spiritual growth and development. Going beyond healing, essences lead you to greater health and awareness of your subtle energy anatomy, the analogue of the physical body on the subtle plane. They open up a wider realm of what it means to be fully human in this larger context through the magical influence of plants. Come explore with us this view of plants as teachers in our lives, wise companions that help us to see further.

Martin Bulgerin has been active in the area of natural healing for 21 years and is locally recognized as a skilled expert in flower essence therapy, as well as creating his own line of essences.
Martin formed BioPSciences Institue in 1987 to explore and report on the subtle, energetic side of life. This search has led him into various healing arts and arcane studies for bringing the body/mind to a more refined state and for understanding the world about us at a deeper level. One of these important tools is Astrology, the language of energy and life. Another is the use of Flower Essences (and other similar remedies) to work with these energies for the purposes of healing and spiritual growth. His study of Ortho–Bionomy®, a gentle but powerful form of energy–based physical bodywork, has also been an important influence.