Date: December 14, 2022
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: Virtual
Teacher Name and Titles: Dr. Andrew John Lucking
Lucking, Dr Andrew John

Bio: Hello. My name is Dr. Andrew John Lucking. I am the director of the Minnesota Naturopathic Medicine Clinic. The Minnesota Naturopathic Medicine Clinic is a family service clinic. We offer healthcare committed to recognizing the needs of an individual patient, in which each patient is an active participant on the pathway to optimal health.

I was born in Benson, MN and come from a long history of medical, religious and legal professionals. I am a 1989 graduate of Bastyr University, a four-year medical school in Seattle, WA. Bastyr university is one of four fully accredited universities in the United States offering a doctoral- level program in Naturopathic Medicine. Bastyr is considered the most prestigious of the schools.

In 1982 I graduated from North Dakota School of Pharmacy with a BS degree in health services management and a minor in chemistry. While an undergraduate, I conducted research in a host of subjects including botanical pharmacognosy, environmental and food allergies and the immune system. Upon graduating from NDSU, I began working with Anchorage Neuro-Spinal clinic in Anchorage, Alaska. There, I performed exams, interpreted X-rays, and did massage therapy, all while earning a certificate as a radiographic technician.

With a solid medical and science background, I combine conventional allopathic (M.D.) medicine and chiropractic services (D.C.) with the healing virtues of Naturopathic medicine (N.D.). In addition, I have developed a body of work technique, combining seven different types of massage into a single comprehensive design. I have treated many persons for whom conventional allopathic treatments had not been successful.

I am also the founder of the Minnesota Holistic Center, an organization which provides seminars, lectures, community and adult education and natural health care. In addition, I belong to the Minnesota Naturopathic Association and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

I have appeared numerous times on TV at radio and in print (WCCO, K FAI, Public Access TV and The Southwest Journal, February 1994).