Honeybees and Their Products from the Hive

Date: April 1, 2009
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Teacher Name and Titles: brian Fredericksen
Fredericksen, brian

An outline of the topics brian will cover:
History of honeybees in America
Life cycle overview
Managed versus wild colonies
Honeybees as pollinators
Honeybee diseases and pests that altered the balance
Stationary beekeeping versus Feedlot beekeeping

Products from the Hive
Honey raw vs processed honey
Beeswax – rendering
Propolis – tincture
Royal jelly

Future of beekeeping
Natural selection and resistance
Honeybees in permaculture
Urban Beekeeping

brian Fredericksen, owner and founder of Ames Farm Limited grew up in a family of master gardeners and naturalists in NE Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin Stout and holds a BS and MS in Manufacturing Engineering. After a 12 year stint in R&D at 3M Company in Minnesota, brian left to run Ames Farm full time in 2001 after establishing the farm business in 1995. Ames Farm is the most active and largest apiary operating near the Twin Cities with over 400 hives. Ames Farm uses organic principles whenever possible in the production of bee related products and in the growing of apples.