Plant/People: Mapping Health and Human-Plant Relationships in the Twin Cities

Date: February 8, 2023
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: The Good Acre, 1790 Larpenteur Ave. W., Falcon Heights, MN 55113
Teacher Name and Titles: Emily Beck and Macey Flood
Beck, Emily | Flood, Macey (Margaret)

Herbalists and healers, we are excited to bring to you our first pass at a public presentation of an oral history/life story project we have been doing with some regional herbalists and other “plant people” over the last nine months.

We have been slowly working to compile 40+ interviews with people who practice and use plants for health into an online digital database and StoryMap. Using StoryMaps to present overlapping stories of these place-based, plant-based practices, we find this project helps us visualize and explore some of the surprising social overlaps and historical context of the incredible wealth of plant people living in this region (including you!) This presentation will include an overview of the project thus far, a walkthrough of the map in its current stage (and how to access it!), and a discussion of some of what we’ve found. We’d also love to talk with you about your thoughts on this project, as well as whether you’d like to participate as an interviewee, or if you have suggestions of folks we should talk with!