Winter Teas, Infusions and nourishing Winter Foods

Date: February 4, 2009
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Teacher Name and Titles: Mary Mueller
Mueller, Mary

Enjoy an evening with Mary learning about Winter Teas, Infusions and traditional foods to support your health during the winter months. Mary will share some of the background of how Native Americans use tea as a winter medicine, sharing stories and the tasting of three different kinds of teas and infusions. She will also be discussing preparation of nourishing foods that support our bodies during the winter months, with recipes and samples to warm you from the inside out.

Mary Mueller owns and has operated Garden Life, a landscaping garden company for the past 16 years, with her husband Joe. They specialize in sustainability, with an organic approach to all aspects of the land and environment.
She is also an herbalist, studying with such teachers as Matthew Wood, Yako Myers, Paul Red Elk, Mary Schmidt, and Cynthia Thomas. She is beginning her next course of studies with Christopher Hobbs this year.
Mary has been exploring the richness of traditional food preparation, learning from Dr. Westin Price, Sally Fallon and through studying historical and unusual cookbooks. Her focus is to broaden her classroom teachings on preparing fermented foods, wild foods, bone soups — along with the preservation of these foods. Through her work and teaching, she focuses on weaving together the healing benefits of medicinal plants with the healing properties of traditionally prepared foods.