Flower Essences: Beyond Healing

Date: November 2, 2011

Teacher Name and Titles: Martin Bulgerin

Herbs are commonly used to cure illness and physical weaknesses, but a higher usage is to maintain and even foster greater health and vitality. Similarly, flower essences, normally used to correct psychological or emotional problems, can also be used to enhance psychological and spiritual growth and development. Going beyond healing, essences lead you to greater health and awareness of your subtle energy anatomy, the analogue of the physical body on the subtle plane.

Explore the Subtle Anatomy of Flower Essences and the Chakra System

Date: October 7, 2015

Teacher Name and Titles: Martin Bulgerin

Traditional herbalism uses the notions of anatomy, organ systems, etc. as a way of organizing our knowledge of herbs and their effects on the body. When it comes to areas like flower essences which work on the level of subtle energies and their effects on people, especially on the psychological level, what are the corresponding organizing principles? I'll be discussing some of the central notions of these energies, primarily the chakra system and the structure of the aura, that have been most useful in my own work and help me make sense of the often confusing situations when bringing people together with flower remedies.

Questions of Healing

Start date: June 5, 2019

End date: October 18, 2020

Teacher Name and Titles: Martin Bulgerin

We'll look at Bach's answers and how he fashioned Flower Essence Therapy in response, and how modern practitioners might forge our own path for our times.