Mastering the Art of an Herbal Medicine Wellness Consult

Date: December 2, 2015
Teacher Name and Titles: Connie Karstens, M.S.
Anyone can look in a book or search online to find a possible herbal remedy for a specific ailment. But to “think like an herbalist” and individually match protocols to bring clients to a more holistic method of healing is truly an art. To achieve success in clinical practice, a practitioner needs to address the […]

Creating Your Herbal Pharmacy

Date: May 20, 2012
Teacher Name and Titles: Connie Karstens, M.S.
Many of our common ailments and health concerns can easily be managed with medicinal herbs and healing foods. You will discover how easy and fun it is to make safe and effective herbal remedies from your backyard with plant foliage, blossoms, berries, barks and roots. In this session you will find out everything you need […]