Kitchen Cupboard Herbalism: Healing With Common Herbs and Spices

Date: November 5, 2008

Teacher Name and Titles: Erin Piorier

Erin Piorier is a Traditional Western Herbalist who has been offering consultations, herbal education, and plant–based medicine to the Twin Cities community for over eight years. Erin is available for private consultation and provides her clients with handmade wildcrafted herbal products gathered from the fields and forest of the upper Midwest or grown in her organic […]

Natural Sunscreen Workshop

Date: April 3, 2013

Teacher Name and Titles: Erin Piorier

In this hands on workshop we will review some of the latest information on conventional commercial sunscreen: what’s in it, what works, what doesn’t, how much does it protect you and what are the risks of using commercial sunscreen? Then we will turn our attention to some of the alternatives from nature including butters and oils with spf, traditional and safe barriers like zinc and titanium oxide (not the micro–ionized stuff!) and botanicals like Yarrow, Green Tea and others.

Lake Como Plant Walk

Date: June 3, 2015

Teacher Name and Titles: Erin Piorier

We will meet outside of the Como Pavilion at 1360 Lexington Parkway North. It is 1.6 miles around the whole lake and it will probably take about 2 hours to make it around the lake win hike stopping to identify and discuss the plants.