Exploring Bitters

Date: February 1, 2017
Teacher Name and Titles: Selena Tunison and the NCHG Board
Join the NCHG Board members for a fun and inspiring night where we will learn how to create 2 different bitters. The class will be a hands–on class where you will make your own bitters to bring home and enjoy. We will have a brief discussion on the benefits of incorporating bitters into your daily […]

Learn how to make Rosemary Gladstar’s Perfect Cream with Calendula

Date: February 3, 2016
Teacher Name and Titles: Selena Tunison and the NCHG Board
Greetings herb lovers. Happy 2016! I hope you are all looking forward to another fun and educational year at the Herbal Guild. At the February meeting we will learn how to make a lovely body cream that Rosemary Gladstar has created and shared with us. It is fairly easy to make (after getting a hands on lesson from […]

Tincturing By Percolation

Date: February 4, 2015
Teacher Name and Titles: Selena Tunison and the Guild
Greetings Herbal Enthusiasts! February 4th meeting we will explore the technique of "Tincturing By Percolation." This is taken from the book by James Greene. The Herbal Medicine–Maker's Handbook: A Home Manual Selena and the Guild will lead the way for this hands–on class in exploring a fast method to prepare medicine when you are short […]

Making Herbal Cough Drops

Date: February 5, 2014
Teacher Name and Titles: Selena Tunison
Remember those old horehound cough drops you use to get as a child? In our Making Herbal Cough Drops class Feb 5th, we will learn how to make these drops ourselves using basic ingredients and some candy making skills!! We will all help in the production of preparing herbs, stirring the pot, and making balls […]

Winter Seed Sowing

Date: February 6, 2013
Teacher Name and Titles: Selena Tunison
Come learn an easy, natural method of winter seed sowing. A method that turns your recyclables into mini greenhouses that are placed outside during the winter months. You watch the snow pile on top, wait for the weather to warm up and seedlings magically appear. Make your own mini greenhouse to take home. Selena Tunison Hi […]